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20 January 1999

january 99.......ok. we've played a couple shows in the last couple months and they were good. the latest show we played was this past friday. it was at the polanka park in bensalem and we played with audience of one. try fail try. nora. and you and i. quite an awesome show. attendance was weak because of weather but it didnt really effect the show as a whole. audience of one is a band from churchville which is right around here. i had never heard them before but they really blew me away. they came up with not alot of equipment, looked really young and then just flat out rocked. the music was like really fast, heavy indie rock one second then followed by nutzo blast beat grind breaks complemented by pure suicide screamo vocal stylings. really cool, unique stuff. we played next and seemed to have a good response. nothing that unusual musically occured besides me dropping a stick or too. i couldnt really hear a thing but they went nuts so it couldnt have been that bad. one thing that really got to me was this fight thing that broke out in the middle of one of our songs. that really kills me. especially because both parties involved were friends of ours. especially because shows are where we can all get along for the simple reason that were all there for the same reason or reasons. for the music. for our friends. for the chance to blow off some steam and go nuts without getting in any trouble. to say fuck you to everything that holds us back in a constructive way. for whatever reason youre there, there's no excuse for striking another breathing thing with intent to harm. so thats my rap on that. try fail try followed us and proceeded to play their brand of old school hc with a twist of metal and definetly rocked. they put on a real good show and one thing i really liked about them was that the singer had a really good vibe going between him and the crowd. he talked : they listened. he talked : he made sense : they then rocked. nora played after them. I was really psched to play with these guys for many reasons. 1- they are an incredible band 2- i had spoken with carl(singer) a couple times before this show and have grown to really respect his views on the scene and music in general. 3- mike(guitarist) was in endeavor, a band i loved and is basically a real polically concious person with lots of expierience and tons of knowledge. so wether they sucked or not they were going to be awesome. but they did not suck, they pummeled the place with pounds of thick noise. you and i played last. they are just such an amazing band. thier sound is nothing described by words. theyre loud theyre soft theyre ugly theyre beautiful, i dont know whatever. they manage to touch my heart with every chord they play and every word they speak. sorry to those who can't stand my mushyness. all and all an awesome show.... sorry to all of you who missed it. thanx to everyone who made it out, especially the kids from jersey ( rick, todd, vegan steve, all of the blueskies crew) keith and meghan, mike,big thanx to bob for putting it on. thanx to rory for the sound. thanx to all of neshaminy and locals who showed up. ( mike, ed , matt, jeremy, kathy, kelly, christina, sharlene, becky, kevin, luke, all of ltown and bristol, chris s, and tom t, thanx) you all rule. so what else. ok our cd should be coming out early to mid febuary. ill keep you informed. for more info on break even records check out the site.... BREAK EVEN most likely going to be playing guitar temporarily for an awesome metal band from this area called demiurge. i guess ill keep you informed on that whole thing too. uhh i guess thats it for now. love and appreciation. colin frangicetto thisdayforward

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