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9 November 1998

hi again, i'm gonna start this update by thanking some people who have really supported us the last couple weeks..... of course dan for the page, bob, keith, and meghan from as one records, todd from trading places, pete from breakeven records, dan and nicholl for driving all the way to jersey to see us, rick and crystal for comin to that drexel show, sam from amnesia records, ian from blueskiesfade, jd for repeatedly lending his snare drum to me, matt for lending all kinds of bass stuff, april for pictures, my cousin steve for coming out to the tri and jersey show, rob, brett, and jeremy for driving us everywhere, tom from bestbuy, vince, and jho. thanx alot guys. anyway, we played at the ashlands church in jersey on friday..... wow. what a fun show... very odd evening but boy was it fun. first to add to the list of.. we had some more unexpected fucked up shit happen to us again....(see previous entry for logic and go here to check it anyway we played and the place got a little rowdy... some stupid fight broke out which was the only downfall of the evening.... my cousin steve came out again which was awesome... our dear friends dan mooney and nicholl strouss came out and that was probally the highlight of the night for me... let me tell you why... cause they're from our area and they came out.... yeah some of you may say " bigdeal" but it really is. they had other stuff to do, they had never been there, they barely even like our band's music... but they came to support us because they're our friends. thats "hardcore" or whatever. that's just fuckin awesome. and when you're in some strange town and you know noone in the crowd it feels so relieving to see familiar faces. dan and nicholl, we can't express how much that meant to us. thank you. later, after the show we hung out with a bunch of really awesome kids and had a really fun time... there was us, rob, keith, meghan, "vegan" steve, ian from blue skies fade, todd from trading places, rick "mace", and a girl whos name i cant spell(sorry ) we went to some diner i beleive it called "palace" it was taking a long time to be seated so we decided to make a run for the border instead... when we arrived we were greeted by a surly taco bell worker who informed us that "all orders were to go" ian then informed her that we were rock bands on tour from florida and that we wanted to be served... so we then engaged in our feast outside on the picnic bench of taco bell in 35 degree weather at midnight... there were sightings of michael jacksons limo, disfunctional kfc workers, and keith's best kept secret "pepe"(please don't ask)fun fun fun stuff.... pictures will be up on the site in a couple days....try to come out this friday...we're playing the same place with terminal crash(ex-prema) and blueskiesfade(its their record release show and guess what... they are fucking amazing)((slight whisper)) take care, colin

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