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1.)  First Demo Tape--Title ??  (Out of Print) (Awful)

2.)  "fragments of an untold story born by shunning the opportunity" CD

fragments born by shunning the opportunity

1.  kissing perfection's cheek
2.  dead acres
3.  arise
4.  kill the script
5.  i repent
6.  significant others
7.  avarice
8.  lost eyes
9.  if i wore a mask
10.  the ripple effect

recorded, mixed, and mastered at the skylight by vince "subtle badger" ratti, jr

all music by this day forward

all lyrics by mike shaw, except "lost eyes" by c. frangicetto

original cover art by nicole carlucci

guest vocals on "dead acres" by mike petillo

group vocals--mike, mike, ed, gary, and colin

layout by pete buckley after c. frangicetto

-this record is dedicated to everyone who keeps underground music sacred.-

Available now. See merch page for more details.