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23 November 99

a lot has happened to the band since the last update...i know it's been a long time, but from here on out we are going to try and update this page much more frequently. first off, i'd like to extend thanks to dan for keeping this site up and running. you da man. ok, now to get to the news and other fun stuff. we recently recorded a new song entitled "writing in cursive" which will be appearing on the new breakeven comp entitled, "summer in the city" which is due out very soon. it will include bands such as a life once lost, days away, snatch, audience of one, bazhena, as well as many others. click (here) for more info on that. the band has been working on constructing some new material. we have four new songs ready to go. we're looking to put out another full length in the near future, so be on the lookout for more info. on that. big plans for this winter. thanks to pat (the machine), we are looking forward to a 5 day mini-tour with friends, a life once lost. word has it that bane may also be playing a show or two, we'll see what happens there. basically, we're going to be traveling north, to boston, ny, etc. as soon as everything is set up for sure, i'll be on here to post it. aside from all of that...we've had plenty of shows the past few months. our most exciting being the one king down show in asbury park, nj. wow...we had such a great response out there. we need to get out more. we played in front of about 75-100 kids we've never seen before...a really different feel all together...but i felt it was the tightest we have ever sounded. the crowd reaction was unreal..they loved it. we're currently in the process of looking for a we can tour and get around as a band....the current 3 cars required to go to a show isn't flying. so once we get a van to call our own, things will be much easier transportation wise. oh yeah, before i forget, if you have an mp3 player (hopefully winamp), go to this site: - two friends of our run the's a description of what its about. basically, you can have your own online radio show...its a site devoted to underground music where you can download/upload mp3's galore....check it out. if you have that winamp, enter this url into it : - and listen to song after song after song...its great. i always turn it on when i'm online. so please, check that out. well boys, thats about it for now. until next time...

-mike golen (thisdayforward)

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