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the latest fucked up shit that happened on the way to, during, after, or on the way home from one of our shows

~ shaw sailor diving into a crowd knocking vadim over a ledge (house show)
~ golen stabbing some unsuspecting kid with his guitar (every show)
~ both shaw and gary bleeding from knees (every show)
~ shaw breaking his metal beaded neclace into a million pieces(levittown y show)
~ me breaking both sides of my snare drum and using my tom as a replacement(ltown y show)
~ golen cutting open his forehead in the process of smashing himself with his guitar and breaking his pickup. (ltown y show)
~ me signing drumsticks for three kids(ltown show)
~ jay lifesicklife picking shaw up by his legs and running around with shaw over his shoulder followed by a friendly piledriver into the floor( tri y show)
~ brett and half of the band getting lost on the way to drexel and being an hour and 1/2 late. (we thought they were dead...drexel show)
~ some dick sound guy refusing to turn shaw up on the PA
~bob from as one was supposed to help us drive but got a last minute case of vomitus maximus...forcing us to improvise on driving arrangements... i had a bass drum on my head and meghan and keith shared the front of shaws car with my sticks and a snare drum...mean while gary, golen, and randy were in the back of robs jeep, which believe me is not that big, along with all my cymbols, a huge amp and a head as well as sitting on top of the as one merch. box. it was not comfortable.(ashland church show--11/6)
~on the way to the show we began to notice a strange car following us.... going to great extents to follow us.... i'm talking we're running yellow lights, they're running red lights... so anyway we pass our destination so shaw makes a turn down this dead end in order to reverse our direction and we're forced to make contact with this bastard vehicle.... the guy is anxious to speak and motions us to roll down our window.... we hesitate then comply with the rash thought that this guy might not be completely out of his mind.... the demon speaks.... "hey are you guys going to that show? i noticed your stickers and the equipment and figured i'd follow you..." he had no idea how close he was to being gagged and thrown into this own trunk.(ashland church show--11/6)

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