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23 October 98
... if you're reading this that means you've found your way to the this day forward website. news... well it's almost november and everything's up in the air with us. for those of you who don't know, we recorded 7 songs last month at the skylight(fairless hills). everything came out awesome, if you don't know vince and vince at skylight, they do really awesome work. some of their former associates... speedy delivery, scarred 4 life, the bazhena, peter parker, suffer in truth, dislike, amertune, corletto and soon to come... sound of failure. nothing is definite, but as of now this is the plan. pete from breakeven records will most likely be putting the cd out which will be sometime around march, in the mean time, we'll be going back to record some more songs for the cd and a few songs for various seven inches and comps. the records will most likely be splits with an awesome band called sound of failure and another rad band called demiurge. as of who will be putting those out. we'll let you know when we find out for sure. we'll be doing a song for the breakeven comp which will be out sometime around january, and a song for this comp of hardcore covers hip hop which will be coming out on a new label called as one records. we played the fairless hills ymca last week...disaster. well not completely, we had fun. what happened was the band disunion that was supposed to play with us crashed their van the night before, and we were gonna be the only act besides a dj. so, last minute we got our friend, bill sullivans grindcore/doom metal band(actually 2 guys and a drum machine) called wombofazure to fill in. they rocked by the way. so anyway, i wound up breaking my snare drum, randy blew his amp out, golen broke his pickup as well as his forehead, shaw and gary were both bleeding from their knees. we only got through 4 songs and it had to come to an end. i was using my tom as a snare, so you can only imagine how it sounded. the place was a cave, seriously all i could hear was a faint humming and shaw screaming his head off. thanx to anyone who actually paid for that show and didn't complain. thats about it... we got some shows check out that page and i guess i'll keep this updated as much as possible....colin

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