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-- Friday 15 October 99 --

with blueskiesfade, womb of azure, tenfold, as we grow, and bug zapper. . .at the yardley fire hall. . .doors open at 7pm. . .$5. . .email

-- Saturday 23 October 99
with audience of one, five stars for failure, a life once lost, and snatch. . .at the southampton youth center. . .show starts at 5:00pm on the dot. . .for more info email

-- Saturday 5 November 99 --

sofa records / breakeven records showcase
with days away, pink daffodils, redeem and five stars for failure. . .at the yardley fire hall. . .doors at 7pm. . .$5. . .for more info email

Click here to check out some old and/or current show flyers.