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26 October 98
... hey everybody... this is the second update of this news thing so i think i'm doing pretty good about it so far... we played on friday and it was really cool... we played with awesome bands and we played much better than last week... we wound up playing a full 8 song set and everything went well... besides the fact that we were out of tune for a couple songs it sounded pretty good... jay sicklife picked up shaw in the middle of a song and started running into people with mike hanging over his shoulder... it was cousin steve travelled from new jersey to check us out, very cool it was good to see him...special thanx to jodie for video taping the show... demiurge played... they were great... sick ass metal.. (kev from scarred 4 life, rory, luke, and mike from lifesicklife!) they're all really rad guys and a band that should not be missed. justin(ideamen), ed and mike(bazhena) played.... hands down the only 3 gentlemen i know who can hypnotize a crowd with an almost all instrumental set... i really don't know how to explain what they sound like, which is such a cool thing considering over 80% of bands these days come in a nice neat package with a label already pinned on them. no really, there isn't a category you can throw them in without saying something really pathetic like "well they're kinda emometalgrindspazecrydcindiepopcore?" so hope that you get the privilege to see them... and peter parker played too... if you don't know 'em yet, they are a ska-punk band who fuckin rule! they just released their first record on friday it was put out completely diy which is not only punk as fuck but extremely impressive. they are also a great band to see live and are probably the funniest 4 guys i've ever met. their cd is called "no comply" and it's simply rockin' so if you wanna pick it up just call sean at 215.322.0699 and i'm sure he'll hook it up... oh yeah if you guys get around to it, sign the page! well thats all im gonna say... keep in touch. colin
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