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18 November 1998

greetings earthlings...sorry it took so long to update this this time, i've been busy....umm so we played the blueskiesfade record release show....awesome is the only word to describe my friends....first off we sold like 18 cds in a half hour which was cool....we specifically had a couple made for that show just to get our shit around in don't ask for a copy....we don't have any. sincere thank you to drew repetski from peter parker for manually burning every cd himself!!!! thanx drew that must have sucked. we played pretty well and kids went apeshit so it was pretty cool...blueskiesfade played....oh my about amazing bands... dude i'm not even gonna discuss this any further....just buy their cd its only 8 bucks...1 dollar a song! who can beat that! their cds are available now and its fucking email shawn for more info.....other news....we're recording two new songs for a split 7" with the destructive demiurge boys soon to be released by as one records so be excited kiddies 'cause its gonna be sick. hopefully i'll have more info on that some time soon...also check out the bio page....our top 5 records of the month are up on that page. there are more pics up....and more shows....p.s. SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!! we like reading your funny messages....for now later....colin

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