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..current news..

Hey everyone, well we are back from our tours. it's been an insane summer, there was so
much that happened. we did 3 tours and got to see pretty much the entire country. we met
a lot of really interesting people and basically just had the time of our lives. Hellfest and
Furnace Fest were both fun, we had a blast. Thank you to everyone who did a show for us,
gave us a place to stay, made us food, or anything else on tour, everything is greatly appreciated.
MOST of all thank you to the bands we toured with, or played a few shows with on tours:

12 tribes - the biggest burn-outs in hardcore
last caress - the tuff guys who cover "with or without you"
in dying days - canadians who can barely speak english
in pieces - "yo man, you guys burn????" - val
from autumn to ashes - the biggest ex-burnouts in hardcore
(you mean you guys never smoked crack?- scott)
( you mean you guys never peed on girls??? - brian) <3 you guys.
thursday - shagsters
and finally Taken who are the coolest guys we have ever met,
we'll miss you guys, come to the East anytime we will change
some marquees and make up fake stories.

in other news...
our fragments... cd repress is out now on eulogy. the merch section is updated
and anyone can buy all merch from us now, check it out. i guess that's it,
oh and we have some shows coming up so check that out as well.

keep in touch everyone, see you all soon
143 - tdf

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