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.full lengths.

fragment title
breakeven records
(be five)
released april 1999

this record is dedicated to everyone
who keeps underground music sacred.


track listing
(click for wav clip)
[1] kissing perfection's cheek
[2] dead acres
[3] arise
[4] kill the script
[5] i repent
[6] significant others
[7] avarice
[8] lost eyes
[9] if i wore a mask
[10] the ripple effect
track listing
[1] my unbroken reflection
[2] cupid's diary
[3] kissing perfection's cheek
[4] if i wore a mask
[5] writing in cursive
[6] end of august
[7] the effects of departure
from ideal proportions
[8] significant others
[9] disintegrating eden

eulogy recordings
(er 24)
released november 2000


mp3 - "the end of august"
fragment title
eulogy recordings
(er 31)
released june 2001

track listing
same as above

new artwork.

.demos / compilations.

this day forward demo CD
released july 1998

track listing
avarice, arise, i repent, and lost eyes

recorded and mixed in true d.i.y fashion.
recorded in colin's basement and mixed
in the shaws' computer room on 7.6.1998.
"thanks" compilation
breakeven records
(be four)
released early spring 1999

track listing
"if i wore a mask"
along with tracks from 17 other bands
click here for more info.
and complete lineup
"summer in the city" compilation
breakeven records
(be eight)
released april 2000

track listing
thisdayforward "writing in cursive"
along with 17 other bands
click here for more info./complete lineup