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Born in autumn of 1996, thisdayforward has existed as a functional unit constituted of five highly
similar, but nonetheless, genuinely unique individuals of whom bring a myriad of energies and
attitudes to the creative plane simply known as music. By channeling our positive and negative
energies with the assistance of instruments, we are able to release and help others release
a great deal of the unnecessary baggage that tends to weigh us down. Throughout our existence
as a band, we have received an overwhelming amount of support and feedback from many people
to whom we are all thankful. Your appreciation only makes our effort all the more beautiful.
Collectively, we hold a sacred appreciation to the functional independence of the hardcore /
underground music scene. It has accommodated as the most efficient vehicle for self-
understanding and personal expression. It would be an understatement to say how unbelievable
it is to add our personal and collective energies to a scene from which we have received so much.

This is for all of you.

You are the voice of the vehicle that gives us direction.

- we love you all -
. . golen, shaw, colin, gary, vadim. . . loverock